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Hello Fellow Members,

If you would like to be paired with a mentor to help with your photography, please send us an e-mail to with what subjects your would like to be mentored on and we will find a suitable person to help you.

If you would like to be a MENTOR, then please e-mail us too so we can put you in our book.

PSNZ Southern Regional Convention 2017

Assessment Review of Last Months Images

Hi Folks,

Phil has done a great job and has given us the capability to review the assessed images of the latest months images.

This can only be seen when you login to the NSPS website.

To find it you look on the right hand side under Galleries / Assessment Review for the Latest Month.

Nelson National Triptych Salon Closes 31st August 2017


Nelson National Triptych Salon - a polite but rather urgent warning ...

PSNZ Southern Regional Salon

PSNZ Southern Regional Salon  

Extended until Saturday 26th August

You only have 4 more days to enter your images

PSNZ Central Regional Convention
Greetings to PSNZ Camera Club officials from Central Taranaki
New Brighton Photographic Club Competition

To learn more click on the link below:

North Shore Salon of Photography
Kim Westerskov Workshop and the Dehaze filter.

Kim Westerskov Workshop and the Dehaze filter.


On Easter Saturday a group of us went on a field trip/workshop with Kim Westerskov.  Our task was to imagine we were taking photographs to illustrate a magazine article about Piha.  We were each to take somewhere between 20 and 100 images during the morning which we would analyse and discuss after lunch.


NZ Photography Tours

Hi all,

Lots has happened, since my previous newsletter.


We are now a team of three: Dave Simpson, Mike Shaddick and of course me Robert Peper.


Many thanks to the Auckland Photography Club for organising such a successful PSNZ Conference; it was enjoyed by all.

It’s there that I invited Dave to join me with his Street Photography tour and here it is.


We now have 2 tours and 2 workshops, all with very exciting content and more to follow, watch this space.