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Hi Folks,

IMPORTANT:  The AGM is starting at 7PM and not 7:30PM.  This is so we can start the judging as close to normal time as possible.


Thank you.

Changes to the Grading System

After much discussion, the committee has decided to make some changes to the grading and promotion system for the coming year.

We will be adding a new grade beyond the current A grade, and making it harder (or rather, making it take longer) to progress through the grades.  The new grade will be called the "Salon" grade ("S" for short).  Members whose grade is currently A Bronze or above will be judged at the Salon grade.

Nelson National Triptych Salon 2018
    Nelson National Triptych Salon 2018
Points Scored for 2017

As the club is moving to a "points-plus-honours" system for deciding photogropher grades, we have re-calculated the points scored by members at their current grade.  The results can be seen in this printout.

Challenge 321: International Audiovisual contest
Challenge 321:  International Audiovisual contest
The results are out for the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy for 2017


Hello Fellow Members,

If you would like to be paired with a mentor to help with your photography, please send us an e-mail to with what subjects your would like to be mentored on and we will find a suitable person to help you.

If you would like to be a MENTOR, then please e-mail us too so we can put you in our book.

Assessment Review of Last Months Images

Hi Folks,

Phil has done a great job and has given us the capability to review the assessed images of the latest months images.

This can only be seen when you login to the NSPS website.

To find it you look on the right hand side under Galleries / Assessment Review for the Latest Month.

AGM 2017 Minutes

The AGM 2017 minutes are now up on the website.  Under the Articles link.