Challenge 321: International Audiovisual contest

Challenge 321:  International Audiovisual contest
The Challenge 321 is an international contest for short Diaporamas with a max runtime of 3:21 Minutes.  The idea of the competition is to have an international exchange of audio-visual work.  By submitting their work, authors do participate in several adjudications in different countries.

How it works:

  • The authors send their AV-sequences to the organizers in Germany by web tranfer.
  • The organizers will distribute the AVs to various hosts in several countries for judging.
  • Each host returns a score list and the organizers will create a total result.
  • The best authors will get money awards which are founded by the entry fees.


Opening date: 15. January 2018
Closing date: 31. March 2018
Distribution: 15. April 2018
End of judging: 15. June 2018
Publishing of total result: 30. June 2018