Important: New Changes to Assessment Nights

Dear Members

The committee and Phil are working hard to keep the NSPS up to date with modern technological conveniences.

These include a great website, a 4K projector and laptop and the ability to allow the judges to have a good long look at our images for assessment.

So we will be implementing a couple more changes for the October club night.  Here are the three things you need to look out for.


  • All prints are to also have the digital file uploaded by the Sunday mid-night deadline so the judge may preview them along with the digital images.


  • All prints will be given a number (it will be sent to you via email) which is to be written on the back of the print along with your name, title and grade.


  • All digital images are to be uploaded with the new dimensions of 3840 x 2160 pixels.


The committee replaced the projector and laptop last year with ones that can handle higher resolution (loads more pixels) images. We believe that the NSPS will be the first club in the country to show high res images.  In order to take advantage of the high res, the images need to be uploaded to the website with the dimension of 3840 x 2160 pixels. With this change you should expect to see your digital photographs looking even more fantastic up on the screen.

Each month we have a huge number of images for the judge to assess. In light of making their task easier we will be giving them a digital copy of all print images for previewing before club night. This will not only make their task easier on the night, but will also allow them to have a longer look at the images to make a clearer assessment.  They will, of course, make their final assessment from the print itself. As they should also be doing for the digitals on the projector screen.

Recording the results will be easier for the print convenor if we have the prints numbered.  The website will generate a number, it will then be emailed to you, you then add it to the information on the back of your print.

There have been loads of changes over the past 2 years from updating the electronic equipment to implementing the new point system and adding the salon grade.

The updating of the electronic equipment speaks for itself and the new point system is primarily to allow the new members of our club in C and B Grade to see their progress as their points increase with the acceptances, merits and highly commended scores if honours are not always being awarded.  I truly believe this is important for two reasons. First, it is those scores other than honours where you can find that learning curve to progress your photography which means that second, those scores other than honours are important and need to be recognised as such.  

The Salon grades have replaced the A Grade Bronze, Silver and Gold.  We are finding that, as the NSPS is considered to be one of the most prestigious clubs in the country, and indeed our members have letters after their names in abundance, judges are very willing to assess our members’ images at an even higher level.  By calling A Grade Bronze, Salon Bronze, the judges can satisfy their willingness to judge at Salon level and be more lenient on the grades below that and in particular the C and B Grades.

Our print convenor Glenda Treweek is extremely unwell and needs help with recording scores on club night. She is not always able to come to club night and need someone to step up and step in for her.  She has asked that someone please put their hand up to be the print score recorder when she is not there on club nights. Please email me if you are able to offer your services.

Next year it is probable that 5 committee members are stepping down. Which means that in order to run the club, the club needs 5 people (or more if there is job sharing) to put their hands up to join the committee. It is a great way to give back to the club after getting so much out of it. 

The committee and Phil endeavour to make these changes as seamless as possible and ask for your patience. There is a lot of voluntary work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the club running efficiently and enjoyably for everyone. 


I’ll be sending this email out again for those who are off shore or whose emails occasionally get lost in the ether.


Keep taking images everyone. It’s a great past time!




Sue Riach
North Shore Photographic Society