Nelson National Triptych 2018

There are two ways you can create a triptych. One way is to divide one image into three parts and the other way is to use three separate images.
If you use the single original image technique think carefully where to make the divisions. Look for lines, or patterns that could flow from one image to another. Having a division that can follow those lines or patterns could be just what is needed to create impact to your triptych. Divisions can be vertical, horizontal, curved, circular or a combination of all. Narrower divisions often work better than wider ones as wider divisions can sometimes distract from the image.
Remember when you are making your triptych that the sum of the three parts of a triptych should have a greater impact for the viewer than each of the sections if they were to be seen as individual pieces.  
There are four categories   this year:-  Open, Monochrome, Softly Softly (Soft focus) and Well Known Phrase or Saying.  

Entries Open 1st August and Close 31st August

   Please visit to view the rules and other information.
For more inspiration you might like to visit Jane Trotter’s (APSNZ) website
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