Nelson National Triptych Salon Closes 31st August 2017


Nelson National Triptych Salon - a polite but rather urgent warning ...

In Douglas Adams' book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Earth is demolished by a Vogon Destructor fleet to make way for an intergalactic, hyper-spatial, express route. In the few minutes before this happens the inhabitants of Earth complain bitterly that they have received no warning of the impending destruction of their planet. The Vogons retort that notice of the event has been prominently displayed for the last fifty Earth years in Alpha Centauri a mere four light years from Earth. They then press the Destruct Button.

We, at the Nelson National Triptych Salon, are not so heartless as the Vogons. Nor will we make you travel for four light years to read the latest updates on the Triptych Salon. Instead we would like to pass on a gentle but firm warning.

Time is running out :-

The Salon closes for entries at 10.00 pm on Thursday 31 August 2017.

There will be no extension of this deadline

... Oh dear, awfully sorry, that last bit does sound slightly Vogonish doesn't it?

Many thanks to all those who have already entered the Salon. If you haven't yet submitted your triptychs we would dearly love to see your work ... before the deadline.

For full details of the Nelson National Triptych Salon including the entry form please visit :-

P.S. For aficionados of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" may we reassure you that the poetry of the team running the Nelson National Triptych Salon is nowhere near as bad as that of the Vogons.