North Shore Salon of Photography

North Shore Salon of Photography

The North Shore Salon of Photography

Judging is done and dusted and the results are available online.

After a long and exciting day of judgement, the winners of the salon were finally decided by our six esteemed judges. Congratulations to all the award winners for the 2017 North Shore Salon of Photography.


Click here for all the results for the 2017 Salon

For club results click here

To all of the photographers who took the time and trouble to enter, we thank you for making the 2017 salon such a huge success. Even if you did not receive an acceptance, we trust that this has been a growing experience and it will encourage you to work harder and be even more innovative next year.

To all the photographers that received an acceptance into the salon, congratulations on being rewarded for your efforts. Let this be a springboard that propels you to even greater heights in your photographic endeavours.

Congratulations to Carolina Dutruel for her image "Rite of Passage", the winner of the Salon Trophy 2017. Well done on your immersive and compelling image. 

We look forward to seeing more of your excellent work next year.

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