NZ Photography Tours

Hi all,

Lots has happened, since my previous newsletter.


We are now a team of three: Dave Simpson, Mike Shaddick and of course me Robert Peper.


Many thanks to the Auckland Photography Club for organising such a successful PSNZ Conference; it was enjoyed by all.

It’s there that I invited Dave to join me with his Street Photography tour and here it is.


We now have 2 tours and 2 workshops, all with very exciting content and more to follow, watch this space.


You can find more detail on the NZPhotographytours website and some of the tour images and comments on our Facebook page and Tripadvisor (5 stars). 


1. Auckland City Reflections



When: Saturday 29 April

Time: 09am-12pm

Seeing Auckland City through the many beautiful reflections and learn how to do impressionist photography

For more detail:  Auckland City Reflection Tour



2. Auckland Street Photography 




When: Saturday 06 May

Time: 09am-12pm

Appreciate and capture some of the many photographic street opportunities, which exist in Auckland 

For more detail:  Auckland Street Photography



3. Foundation in Digital Photography



When: Sunday 13 May

Time: 09am-12pm

This workshop/tour is a beginners guide to better use of your camera.

More detail: Foundation in Digital Photography 



4. Adobe Lightroom Fundamentals 



When: Saturday 18 June

Time: 09am-12pm

workshop intended for those who require simple management of their image database, would like to learn how to easily improve an image, develop a presentation or create a website

More detail:  Adobe Lightroom Fundamentals



Kind regards


Robert Peper