Green Screen and Light Painting Workshop

Green Screen and Light Painting Workshop

7.30 Wednesday 14th July 2021

Both these workshops will run at the same time. Members will be split into two groups. One group will go to green screen and the other to light painting. At halftime groups will switch over.

Light Painting

Come along to this hands-on workshop and have some fun creating your own images using some easy light painting techniques. Diane Costello  will also be demonstrating some techniques and methods for making your own light painting tools.

Green screen.

Brian will demonstrate green screen and give members the opportunity to take photographs of models that have been engaged for the purpose of this workshop. This will take time for members to be setup so timing and patience will be crucial to let everyonr have a shoot

Please bring the following:

Camera for both workshops.Tripod, shutter release, flashlight, coloured cellophane or something similar for light painting workshop

Workshop Location
East Coast Bays Bridge Club Building, Lyons Ave (opposite Montana Ave) Murrays Bay, Auckland
Sorting Date
Diane Costello and Brian Livingston